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Road Trip

Click for an example Road Trip
Have done a road trip recently?

No need to remember where and when each picture was taken! Upload your pictures then UrbanBird will draw your way, pin your pictures on a map and you will then be able to filter the images by city, state, or even by date!

Looking for ideas for a road trip?

UrbanBird offers you tens of suggestions. You'll even be able to get directions to the pictures you liked in order to do not miss anything during your trip.

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Memorable vacation

Click for an example Vacation

Give your vacation pictures a better display than a boring facebook wall. UrbanBird will display them on a map, and you will be able to filter the photos by day, location, and even type of activities!

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Featured Map: Angie Across America

See Angie's Maps Pub Crawl
39 days. 13 states. 4000 miles.

Angie Across America captures the spectacular sights, incredible people and gastronomic food across the country. Follow her on UrbanBird and AngieAcrossAmerica.com

Access Angie's Maps

Featured Map: SF Muni - TOP 10 lines to visit San Francisco

See the Maps now TOP10 muni lines to visit san francisco
About to visit San Francisco?

We took pictures - from start to finish - of the best muni lines to sightseeing San Francisco. Get the GPS directions to the best spots.

Get the maps of TOP10 Muni Lines

Visit Cities

Click for an example New York
About to visit a city you don't know?

Better than a city guide, check out the maps of previous travellers to do not miss the best spots. Get the GPS directions to the location of pictures you like!

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Any other ideas?


We are sure you have tens of memorable moments you want to highlight. Just do it!

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Pending Trip

Click for an example Driving on the Golden Gate Bridge
Are you in the middle of a trip right now?

Let your friends know where you are, and what amazing things you have seen.

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Click for an example Cruise

UrbanBird also works for trips out at sea :)

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Visit of a Park

Click for an example Yosemite
You've been for a walk recently?

Upload your pictures and UrbanBird will draw the walking map of your adventure.

Looking for ideas for hiking?

UrbanBird has tens of hikes to suggest around you.

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